Browns lose again: The lack of a quarterback continues to be the difference

Cleveland the GOAT

There are more ways to win in the NFL than just by having a really good quarterback and a dynamic offense. But that’s certainly the easiest way to get it done.

Sunday’s matchup between the Browns and the Bears exemplified the new-age reality that good offense beats good defense every time. Cleveland entered yesterday’s game with a top-ten defense and bottom-ten offense while Chicago was the exact opposite: bottom-ten defense, top-ten offense. At the end of the day the good offense beat the good defense and the crappy offense couldn’t do anything against the crappy defense.

I’ve spent a ton of time this season railing about quarterbacks and about how that’s all that really matters. I still believe that to be true, but before we talk about Jason Campbell’s ineptitude I want to exercise a little criticism of the defense that I’ve praised so much this season.

Ray Horton is…

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