Pats Blow It

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Denver loses to San Diego and your schedule has Miami, Baltimore, and Buffalo left. Pretty good chance the number one spot is yours. Just win out. Easy enough, right?


After managing to comeback your potential All Pro kicker boots it out of bounds. You let the other team have the ball on the 40 to start. Way to screw your defense.

So the Dolphins are up four but they’ve left the Patriots and Tom Brady just about a minute on the clock. Given their performance the last few weeks, I figured the Pats would come back.

Of course you thought the same thing. And you were wrong too.

A pass interference missed call on the Hoo-man and that was it. Sure Amendola dropped a sure touchdown. Sure Brady could’ve not thrown a pick and found Vereen instead.

The bottom line; they’re not the Red Sox. The walk off wins…

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