Sam Rutigliano Says Browns Need To Be More ‘Disclipined,’ Correct Errors

CBS Cleveland

Coach Sam Rutigliano came on the air this morning to talk about the Browns 38-31 loss to the Bears in the team’s final home game. Coach was very animated in his disgust over the Browns, and brought up a myriad of problems that have been plaguing the defense in recent weeks. Coach talked about where the defensive units were lacking, and when asked “where’s the anger?” on this team, Coach was emphatic that it should have happened weeks ago. Coach talked about the team needing discipline in order to improve and doesn’t want to hear any excuses, which he said is all we get from post game press conferences following losses. Coach was also critical of individual players, too, namely Davone Bess, who Coach said hasn’t lived up to his production from his time in Miami.

[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”small” download=”true” name=”Sam Rutigliano” artist=”Kiley & Booms”]

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