Tony Romo is bad but the Cowboys are so much worse

For The Win

Sure, this loss is Tony Romo’s fault. The Cowboys quarterback switched out of a called running play at the line of scrimmage in the fourth quarter and threw a pick.

Then he did it again. Icing the Cowboys’ 37-36 collapse to the Packers.

Blame the futility on Romo because he deserves it. FTW’s Chris Chase put the blame squarely on the quarterback. And after watching that performance, blaming Romo isn’t wrong.

But what then? Romo aside, Dallas still has a defense that allowed 34 points in the second half. The Cowboys still have a head coach who stood idly by as his offensive coordinator called up 48 passing plays during a game in which Dallas wasn’t trailing until the last four minutes. And Dallas still has a 71-year-old owner who thinks he’s a general manager.

Sure, blame Tony Romo. He is certainly at fault in yesterday’s debacle and equally guilty…

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