Wealth & Knowledge Inequality

Wretched Woman I am!

Have you seen this video?

If not, I highly recommend it! It’s inforgraphics on the distribution of wealth in America and a snap shot of the perceptions of actual and ideal wealth as well. After watching this video, I felt overwhelmed not because it is new information but it confirms what I already know (and feel about wealth distribution in our nation). The “1% of America owns 40% of the nation’s wealth”, what is wrong with that picture?

For a person who grew up in poverty (maybe moving to lower middle class now with my educational/career background), it is not hard to see the facts. As a college student, I received all sorts of grants funded primarily to lower income students. Of course, I had to go to a private college (because I was so excited but more uninformed). My undergraduate experience was amazing and I am grateful for the…

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