work, work, work

a journal to the plain year

(8:10 pm, monday, 16 december 2013) back to my old work: loans, interest, percentage, all that stuff. my old employer wants my services again. am not sure about it, but am giving it a try. some old familiar faces around, some are no longer here, but most of them are still at it. i had a great time with my previous employer, good pay, traveling a lot, meeting people in high places. it was quite an experience. the good thing about this ‘new work’, however, is that i don’t have any lull as far as work is concerned. i think am a bit wiser this time, not that i went back to my old employer prior to my last work, but that i could fairly differentiate what’s best for me and my family, and by the looks of it, this ‘not-so-new-job’ is best for my family (and to me at some…

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